Women Dressing for Successful Interviews

business attire dressing for success “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It is estimated 80 per cent of the job hiring decisions are based on that first impression.

When dressing for a first interview choose something conservative, a dark suit and light blouse is preferable. When wearing a skirt make sure it is knee length and remember, this is not the time to wear a miniskirt or a loud flashy blouse. Plan what you are going to wear well in advance, ensuring it is freshly cleaned and pressed.  Try it on and, if possible, have a friend do a mock interview with you wearing the outfit you plan to wear to the interview. Make sure you are comfortable and confident in the clothes that you will wear. A first interview is not the time to wear those new shoes you bought, or to make a fashion statement, it’s much better to be comfortable and confident, than uncomfortable and appear unsure of yourself.  When choosing shoes, avoid bright colours, stilettos, sling backs and open toed shoes.

Don’t forget about your hair, makeup and nails. Your hair should be clean, neat and tidy, and off your face. Your makeup should be kept to the minimum with no bold colours, keep it as neutral as possible. Always ensure your nails are clean, trimmed and not chipped. Clear or at least a neutral colour works best. With many workplaces having a scent free policy, it is better to skip the perfume altogether for the interview. It also shows consideration for those interviewing you who may have fragrance sensitivity.

Once you have successfully landed the job, don’t abandon the conservative look for work but do incorporate your own personality into your wardrobe. By doing this it shows your creative side, your personality will shine through, and it will also improve your self-confidence.  And always consult and abide by your workplace dress code If you have to stop to think if something is not appropriate for the workplace, it probably isn’t.

Dress for Success Orillia and Barrie promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Linda Reid, CFRT

Author: Lifestyles Author

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