Weekend Renovation Projects

weekend-renoSome home renovation projects require the expertise of professionals, but there also are many ways for homeowners to improve their homes without hiring a pro or spending too much money. The following are a handful of DIY renovation projects homeowners can tackle in a typical weekend.

Closet conversion

Ample closet space is a big plus for home buyers, but upon moving into a new home, many homeowners may find they don’t need as much closet space as they initially thought. Guest room walk-in closets, in particular, may prove to be underutilized resources. Such closets often come with built-in shelving, and therefore, they make ideal spaces to convert to mini home offices or study areas for kids. Installing an extra shelf to serve as a desk area for remote working or homework stations won’t take up much of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and before you know it, you will have a fully functioning workspace.

Accent wall

Accent walls can liven up a room by breaking the colour pattern of the walls in the room. Accent walls also can be used to divert attention on a particular design element in a room, such as a painting or an elaborate wall furnishing. Painting an accent wall won’t take very long, but such a project can give a room an entirely new look and feel.

closet organizers space saverDriveway

If weather permits, repaving an asphalt driveway can be an ideal weekend project, especially if an existing driveway has endured its fair share of wear and tear. Many driveways can be paved anew in a single day, but larger driveways or those that have endured an extraordinary amount of wear and tear may take a couple of days.

Storage and shelving

Much like some homes come with an abundance of storage areas, others fall short of homeowners’ or apartment dwellers’ needs. If your home or apartment falls into the latter category, adding some shelving or finding some new furniture that can serve double duty as storage areas is a weekend project that can help clear up some space. Purchase some wood shelving from a local furniture retailer to mimic the look of traditional built-ins or replace existing single-use furniture with newer items capable of serving multiple functions, including storage.

do it yourselferArt

If the rooms and hallways in your home are bare or in need of new looks but your budget is tight, try your hand at spicing things up by creating some of your own paintings. Parents can encourage kids to create their own colorful masterpieces. Frame the finished works and hang them on the wall and enjoy your inexpensive and homemade “art gallery.”

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