Unique ways to exercise at home

tips for fitness at homeEven the most devoted exercise enthusiasts sometimes encounter obstacles that make it hard for them to squeeze in their regular workouts. Weather can affect outdoor exercise enthusiasts, while busy work schedules can make it difficult to get to the gym.

When unforeseen consequences compromise your ability to stick to your normal workout routine, working out at home might be your only option. The following are a handful of ways to exercise at home when leaving the house is out of the question.

Hit the stairs

Many gyms have StairMaster® products that can be used for high-intensity interval training, calorie-burning workouts and/or improving flexibility. While you might not be able to duplicate the effects of such equipment at home, you can take to the stairs in your home, walking up and down the staircases in your home to squeeze in some aerobic exercise. If you want to increase the intensity level, fill a backpack with some weights.

Dust off the jump rope

Jumping rope is an inexpensive, effective way to burn calories and improve muscle tone. When confined to your home, jump rope in the garage or, weather permitting, in the driveway or backyard. Jumping rope is great cardiovascular exercise and can strengthen the upper and lower body. Men and women who have histories of joint paint, including problems with their knees, ankles and/or hips, should consult with their physicians before adding jumping rope to their exercise routines.

man working out at homeEmbrace crunch time

Crunches are another effective way to exercise at home. Crunches don’t require a lot of space, making them great exercises for apartment dwellers or homeowners whose homes are less than conducive to exercise. Crunches strengthen the core and can help establish muscle tone. Crunches also burn calories. Be sure to adhere to proper form when performing crunches, as the wrong form can increase your risk of injury.

benefits of women lifting weightsBecome a squatter

You can become a squatter without breaking any laws. Unlike squatters who set up residence in a home without the permission of the homeowners, men and women who squat in their own homes are performing exercises that benefit various parts of their bodies. Squats can be performed with or without weights, and either option can help tone your legs and buttocks, strengthen your core and improve your flexibility. Be sure to use proper form when performing squats. If you have never done squats in the past, first get the form down without using weights, only moving on to squatting with weights after you have mastered the form and if you feel like you want to.

The confines of a home may not always be conducive to exercise. But fitness enthusiasts who find themselves unable to get out of the house can still get a workout in.

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