Types of insurance policies you should have

health insurance covers expensesInsurance is an essential safety net that helps people protect themselves from financial ruin. While many policy holders hope they never have to make a claim, no adult is immune to accident, injury or other unforeseen circumstances, which only emphasizes the need for various types of insurance. The following are various types of insurance policies that all adults should have.


Health care costs are considerable and don’t figure to decrease anytime soon. Denying company-sponsored coverage or refusing to get personal coverage, which now incurs a fee for residents of the United States, puts men and women in potentially precarious positions that can greatly affect both their physical and financial health. A simple broken bone may cost five figures to treat and heal. Without insurance, men and women are on their own to pay that bill. But those with insurance will pay considerably less, as their insurance companies will pay the vast majority of the bill.

auto car insurance, tree crushing carAuto

Driving without insurance is a crime in many areas. But even in those places where auto insurance is not mandatory, drivers still need auto insurance to protect their finances should they get in an accident and cause harm to themselves or others. Even if your car has seen better days and appears to be on its last legs, resist the temptation to purchase bare bones coverage. Such policies potentially put you at the mercy of other drivers and their insurance companies if you are found to be at-fault in an accident.

health insurance helps you healLong-term disability

Few people can afford to stop working for lengthy periods of time. But illness or injury can happen at any time, and adults must have long-term disability insurance to protect themselves should they develop illnesses or suffer injuries that prevent them from working. Long-term disability insurance allows you to maintain the standard of living you have grown accustomed to during your recovery process.

Life: While some people can get by without life insurance, if you have dependents, life insurance is a necessity to protect your loved ones from financial hardship should you pass away. Consult your financial planner to determine the type of life insurance policy and the amount of coverage that is most suitable for you.

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