Tourists Told To Suck It Up

Well, we paraphrase. But that’s essentially what Sun Country Airlines told their return ticket holders trying to leave Cabo.

Sun Country Airlines cancels flights leaves passengers in MexicoThe flight to Minneapolis/ST Paul was canceled due to bad weather there. That one day’s delay caused what would have been the next flight to be canceled until next high season. Turns out the plane was needed for the start of Sun Country’s summer routes.

What, they didn’t have an extra plane to send for their own passengers? Seems not, because they were given that portion of their money back and told to find another way home. People had to buy a last minute “pop up” flight and in most cases, it cost more than the original two-way ticket.

When contacted, their spokes chick said she knew it was a naughty thing to do, but it would have been even more disrupting if they canceled the first summer flight for other people. So, screw you, you can stay in Mexico for all we care. We paraphrase again.

How can they be down to their last plane? And couldn’t they charter a plane to take our tourists home? Of course, they could. But they didn’t. Remember that name: Sun Country Airlines, whose motto should be, “We get you there but good luck making it back”.

From the Gringo Gazette

Author: Lifestyles Author

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