Tips On Choosing Patio Furniture

buying patio furnitureThere is lots of great looking outdoor furniture to choose from for your deck or patio. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your options, and hopefully make you happier with this big lifestyle purchase.

Consider the function of your patio

Some homeowners love having guests over to entertain, while others prefer a peaceful retreat from everyone and everything. If you’re among the former, then you will likely want your patio to resemble an outdoor dining area, which means you will need room for a table and multiple chairs. If you want the patio to serve as a retreat, choose a small table and one or two dining chairs, decorating the rest of the patio with a chaise lounge or two.

Opt for low-maintenance furniture

Furniture that must be constantly cleaned or covered up because it can’t brave the elements cuts into your relaxation time. All weather wicker pieces and metal chairs can brave the elements, and even do so for years and years.

Consider double-sided cushions

When constantly exposed to the sun, the fabric on cushions can fade fast. Instead, consider double-sided cushions that can be flipped every so often to reduce fading.

Don’t overlook weight

Heavy outdoor furniture might seem more stable, but such items also are more difficult to move. If you frequently move your outdoor furniture, then opt for items that are lightweight to make all those trips to the garage or shed a little easier.

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