Summer fashion and beauty trends

summer fashion dressesSummer is a time to bid adieu to the bulky, layered looks that dominate winter and even parts of spring. Each season the runways help dictate which fashions will dominate stores across the country, and the following are some beauty and fashion trends to expect this summer.

Splashes of orange

Orange is a vibrant hue poised to take the season by storm. Evoking feelings of warmth and sunshine, orange is an unexpected and bold colour choice. Daring women can don head-to-toe orange and really make a splash. However, there are some more subtle ways to don orange this season, including adding a pop of this vibrant colour to shoes or belts. If the runways were any indication, orange makeup also figures to be popular this summer. An orange lip and a peachy eye flatter many skin types. Such coral colours are reminiscent of tropical, coral backdrops, making them perfect for summers by the shore.

Black-and-white domination

Pairing crisp black and white will forever be a fashion staple. This combination continues to be a strong contender for spring/summer 2014 fashion. Avoid looking like the wait staff at a local restaurant by matching black with white in unique ways. Another way to make black and white more unique is to play with texture. A black top over a willowy white skirt is ever-popular. Mix black leather with white lace, and vice versa, for a style that is daring but sweet at the same time. Black-and-white stripes remain popular, and colour-blocking can be used to hide figure flaws and draw attention to more flattering areas of the body. Adding pops of pastel with black and white is another popular trend for the season, particularly tints of blush and mint.

Ethereal faces

Few people want to feel burdened by their makeup regimen on warm days. Summer is a season for bare faces, so women looking to enhance their features without drowning them out will appreciate some of the ethereal trends that have emerged this season. White, shimmery eye shadow provides just a hint of glamour. White eyeliner and shadow can open up deep-set eyes or help small eyes appear larger.

To achieve glowing skin, use tinted moisturizers and bronzers rather spending hours outdoors soaking up potentially harmful sun. Use bronzer with a very light hand and apply to the areas the sun would normally touch, such as the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and forehead. Pair this with a liquid shimmer or illuminator and your skin will look dewy and fresh.

Berry-stained lips go well with bare or shimmery eyes, and they’re the perfect way to perk up minimal makeup. Women can layer the deep-pink colour depending on how daring they want to be.

Crop tops

Crop tops remain a fashion trend this season. Because they’re not for everyone, it’s unlikely this style will become over saturated. This season the crop top is about showing just a hint of the midriff, which can make the look more attainable. Of course, short tops can be reserved for athletic wear or swimsuits for those people who are not yet daring enough to incorporate them into their everyday wardrobe.

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