Shoes, Shoes, Shoes… It’s all About You!

shoeAs an observer at Fall Fashion Week in NYC, shoe fashions this fall are varied, leaning to the exotic in both textures and trends.

Geometric designs and patterns are in vogue as well as furry/hairy shoes…yes, very new, very “on trend” for fall.

Reptile prints and patterns are all the rage, fur shoes, yes, fur shoes, are new and hot for fall!  Fendi offers cutting edge designers, with a total line of fur shoes and boots for you.

Christian Dior is embracing the clear, see-thru heels in a more classic height as opposed to the last few years of stilettos.

Chunky low heels are becoming cool and, well, actually more practical for all day wear as most of us are off to the office on a regular basis.

shoe2But if boots are your thing, knee high lace up and gladiator style boots are for you. Pair them with Bo-ho style or couture designs…it all works.  So, “buckle-up” and strut your favourite new fall footwear.

Even the three-quarter boots with metal buckles and chunky heels are very cool. They look great paired with a pencil or flouncy-type skirt…they do!

Colours range from the predictable shades of black, brown and, of course, grey, but do not ignore magenta, deep teals, greens and purples…all hot for fall footwear.

Make your basic black dress “pop” with shoes in a total bright pattern and colour.
Be bold!  Just go for it!  Fashion is fun!

With so many choices in styles, colour and textures you cannot miss this fall.
It’s “solely” up to you!

Shelley Weir, Associate Publisher

Author: Lifestyles Author

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