How to name a new pet

pets-578The decision to get a pet is not one to take lightly. Animals can bring great joy into a person’s life, but they also are a large responsibility. Many pets can live anywhere between five and 15 years, adding to the responsibility that comes with pet ownership.
One of the first responsibilities as a pet owner is to come up with a name for the newest member of the family. While naming a pet should be easy and fun, pet owners should not rush into a pet name, and there are some strategies to make the process move along more smoothly.

Pet owners can rely on popular opinion when naming their new pets. According to Bow Wow Meow, a pet naming resource, certain pet names are more popular than others. The top female and male pet names from 2013 include Bella, Charlie, Molly, Max, Ruby, and Buddy.

History, literature or music can inspire pet names. Think about favorite influences and interests and pull a name from these resources. For example, you may want to name a pet after a favorite musician or writer.

Wait until the animal is home before bestowing a name. Even if you have a name you like at the ready, it is best to spend time with the pet to see if the name will be the right fit.

Avoid names that have negative connotations. It’s easy to name pets after one of their traits, but err on the positive side rather than the negative. If the dog tends to dig, do not name him “Digger.” A pet that has some girth may not benefit from the name “Hefty.” Explore names that highlight more positive attributes.

Opt for a two-syllable name. Names with two syllables roll of the tongue easier than longer monikers. For instance, Molly, Tiger, Dusty, and Clover are less of a mouthful than Michaelangelo.

Avoid using names of people you know. Pets have their own personalities and deserve their own unique monikers. It may seem like you’re paying homage to a family member or friend to name the pet after him or her, and while the name may be amusing in the short term, it may ultimately insult the person you intended to honor.

A pet’s name is not set in stone. If the name just doesn’t seem to fit, it can be changed. No paperwork has to be filed, and it’s simply a matter of getting the animal to respond to the new name, which will happen quite quickly.

Choose a name you like. Ultimately the name is up to the pet owner. A pet will accept any name, so go with a name you like.

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