How to make your holiday party unique

holiday party peopleEntertaining season is in full swing, and many people’s social calendars are filled with parties, dinners and family gatherings. For those serving as host or hostess, setting your event apart from others can be challenging but not impossible. Explore these ideas to breathe new life into holiday parties.

Choose a creative date.

The weeks between December 1st and New Year’s Day tend to be the busiest of the holiday season, so think about not hosting your event during this time. A party or something in mid-January may be more amenable to busy guests. Parties that fall outside of the usual time period may be a welcome change for guests who are simply stretched too thin during the heart of the holiday season.

Choose an unusual party time.Holiday Party table decorations

Cocktail parties are the norm come the holiday season, so switch things up for your soirée. Host a brunch or luncheon, which figures to be less expensive than cocktail or dinner parties.

Invite children to the event.

For a departure from the more typical adults-only holiday parties, include children in the festivities this year. Seeing the magic of the holidays through the eyes of children can add life to your party, and it can save you and your guests the cost of childcare.

Create a photo montage. Collect images of your guests from the last year and create a slide show. Guests will likely enjoy reliving the previous 12 months and look forward to making some memories in the year to come.

christmas martini Throw a party you would love to attend.

Instead of thinking of ways to make your party the best or the most unique for guests, figure out your likes and what makes you comfortable. If you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, there’s a good chance that demeanor will rub off on your guests.

The holiday season is littered with parties, many of which are difficult to distinguish from one another. But party hosts can take several steps to set their shindigs apart from other holiday gatherings.

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