How to help new parents make the holidays special

baby at christmasBringing a baby home changes a person’s life. Babies bring great joy but also some confusion into a household, especially as the new parents adapt in their first few weeks or months as mom and dad.

Babies tend to draw attention away from their folks, whose needs may be lost in the shuffle. As baby’s first holiday season approaches, the youngster’s parents and extended family often attempt to make the experience as memorable as possible. But family and friends of new parents also can take steps to lighten new parents’ holiday burdens by offering some thoughtful holiday gifts that can provide support and love for newly minted moms and dads.


New parents typically are short on time. There’s little time to shop, eat and sleep. Friends and family of new parents can give the gift of time this holiday season. Offer your services as a babysitter so new parents can enjoy some alone time, or simply lend a hand with household chores so the new mom and dad can relax instead of work while their bundle of joy is napping.

Memories: The first hours and days of having a new child are filled with opportunities to capture every moment. Gone are the days when film must be developed and tangible photos must be stored in photo albums. Digital technology means some photos never make it to hard copies. But even if photos rarely find their way into frames, preserving early memories is essential. Computers can fail and camera cards can break. In such instances, precious images may be lost forever unless parents have backup. An Eye-Fi™ wireless memory card will automatically upload images from a camera to a computer or external memory source, ensuring no precious snapshots are lost.

mom and babyFood

New parents’ nourishment may come from any package that’s easily torn open with their teeth while tending to a crying infant. Meals, snacks and food baskets make great gifts that keep parents fed and happy. Consider memberships to fruit of the month clubs or call the new parents’ favorite restaurant and send them a meal.


Sometimes new parents just need some pampering, whether it’s a shopping excursion, a visit to a hair dresser, an appointment with a masseuse, or something as simple as a long, uninterrupted hot shower. A gift card to a spa or salon may make a good gift for a luxury-starved parent. Just remember to factor child care into the equation so that Mom or Dad will not have any excuse to cancel his or her appointment.

New parents face many challenges, and helping them through their first holiday season as a mother and father can make this precious period that much more memorable

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