Hip Winter Coats In Fashion…Faux Real!

winter fashion faux furAs we gently get nudged into the brisk, cooler temperatures it is good to know coats for this upcoming season are pretty hip.

The big news…faux fur! Whether it be shaggy, smooth or vibrant in colour, Faux fur rules.
Robe coats are very in fashion and are great for the office or after work as there is just a belt for quick on/off meetings.

Hats and even gloves cuffed in the stuff (faux fur that is) are this winters hot ticket items. Even gloves designed for cold weather texting are very in vogue.

Should your tastes gravitate to textile fabrics you too are not left in the cold. Candy colours and vibrants take the lead this season. Pinks, plums, pastel blues and heather greys are all up there in popularity.

Leather, should you choose…perhaps park your black and try a deep oxblood or maroon jacket. Deep greens are also trending this winter in leather.  Leather sleeves on fabric coats also are here to stay for this winter anyway.

Then there’s my personal fave, faux…leopard anything.  Paired with a statement Coach, Michael Kors or Kate Spade bag…you can’t miss!

So, you can see this winter you do not have to be out in the cold as the coat fashions abound…Faux Real!

Shelley Weir, Associate Publisher

Author: Lifestyles Author

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