Bold colours add vitality to homes

bold colours in living roomWhether it’s Canada Day, St. Patrick’s Day or the holiday season, the bold hues that are synonymous with these events add a splash of colour to rooms that can use a little design lift.

While some colours may be synonymous with certain times of year, homeowners can employ bold colours in their homes all year long. By embracing bold painting and decorating styles, homeowners can use fresh colour palettes to make rooms more inviting and colourful. These popular colour combinations can provide inspiration.

Green and pink

Colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel will always complement each other. Green paired with pink (a lighter shade of green’s opposite, red) calls to mind the great outdoors. These hues can add a touch of floral spring sunshine even when that season has long since passed. Opt for a deep green and a carnation pink for maximum impact. And don’t forget a vase full of fresh blooms as the finishing factor.

Lavender and deep blue

Analogous colours are three colours that sit side-by-side on the colour wheel and share a common denominator in terms of shade. Lavender, blue and an orchid pink are examples of such hues. This cool, regal combination can add femininity to a bedroom or even drama to another space in the house. If painting the walls dark blue or lavender seems scary, opt for a neutral shade on walls and then dress up the space with inky and violet accents.

Turquoise and brick red

Enhance the “wow” factor with these bold colours. Although they are striking, when they work together, they also can impart a soothing feel, particularly since they are often inspired by Asian influences. Feature a light turquoise sofa with red throw pillows. Or dress up meals with a red tablecloth on the dining table and turquoise, white and red, patterned place mats.

couple choosing colours home decoratingGray and yellow

Yellow is a pick-me-up colour any time of the year, but, when combined with a gray, it’s toned down to be soothing instead of startling. This colour combination is popular in kitchens, nurseries and entryways. Have fun in the kitchen with mottled gray stone countertops, pale yellow walls and canary café curtains.

Colour can affect mood and transform spaces with just a small investment of time and money. Homeowners can experiment with colour palettes so rooms remain vibrant all year long

Did You Know?

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