Artists Make Special Occasions Unforgettable

It can be a challenge to entertain your friends and family for special occasions like birthdays or bridal showers. If you have a group of people who’ve never met and you’d like to find a way to help them bond for upcoming nuptials bringing an artist into the mix can be a fantastic solution.

Just watching artists at work is engaging and relaxing. One of the top four reasons people watch Youtube Videos is to learn by watching others. Your guests always get a kick out of watching face and body artists put their friends to canvas or watching caricature artists create their own interpretations drawing them.

A Face and Body Artist

FaceArt face painting at outdoor festivalXan Lazaridis of FaceART says, “Wowing customers drives my business … It could be through a fun, interactive five minute workshop or by watching the creative process in action. Whether interacting or hands on, experiences appeal to the senses and make taking the product home more meaningful and memorable for everyone. A creative element at an event ensures customer experiences with a wow factor!”FaceArt painting adult male at event


A Henna Artist and Group Facilitators

Do you remember losing all track of time when you were a kid, colouring, drawing or making something? Art creation is engaging, non-competitive and relaxing for people of all ages and ilks. If your guests seem to be losing steam and energy, a creative event can help bond the group within the act of creating together.

Celtic artist and Mandela facilitator David Rankine, who creates marvellous fluid original henna art on hands and feet at parties, showers and weddings asks his students to “recall that proud feeling of being creative.” That place of pure immersion in the act of creating.” David says, “when someone is creating and creative, they are fully able to respect the same act in others … it may take the form of dance or painting, conversation or playing music.” See David’s work at

A Caricature & Graphic Recording Artist

Cariature artist at outdoor festivalCanadaThough Caricatures are always a big hit, I have been hired as a Graphic Recording Artist, usually more for functions aimed at presentations or group discussions. As the group’s comments are illustrated it’s pretty much a guarantee to see increased interaction. People want to see their comments appear before them as a drawing or heading.

Party planners usually want to give their guests something fun and creative, but aren’t always sure how Caricature Drawing will go over. I always get asked to work an additional hour or two at weddings. People of all ages and at all kinds of events love to have their caricatures drawn. They also love seeing the work in process. Big crowds gather around my tent at festivals, creating a happy audience immersed in creativity, asking questions like where do you start and where do you get your art supplies. You can see my schedule and work online at

caricature drawing at a fancy weddingThe above artists are a fair sampling the kinds of colour you can add to your party. There are a number of ways to incorporate art and the creation process to your party. Hiring an experienced artist ensures you’ll make it an easy, exciting and memorable event, whether it’s for a big anniversary, retirement, birthday or any kind of celebration.



By Linda Laforge, Portrait and Caricature Artist and author of “Anyone Can Draw in Ten Sessions” – find it here on Amazon
See my art and event schedule here!

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