A Moving Experience!

We have all done it … some more than others!

moving boxesRecently we moved from our year round home to our summer home on Georgian Bay. We thought this would be a great chance to further enjoy a different landscape and the many amenities the area has to offer.
We didn’t however, plan on quite as much adventure!

Our closing date came and went, came and went, came and went each time with a further time extension and all the numerous changes this entailed.  Our purchaser requested an earlier than scheduled closing, two weeks early actually, to which we agreed. Three gruelling weekend contents sales later we were ready to pack!

Day 1 went fairly smoothly thanks to Dial Movers of Orillia. Having used Dale and Ben Wiggins for a prior move, we knew we were in good shape, we just didn’t know how good!

Day 2 it became apparent we had a lot of “precious, cannot possibly part with” stuff to keep and store. So off to our storage unit we went with our gem/junk in tow ONLY to find our rental storage unit under water! All our prized processions on the Dial truck with nowhere to go.

Time for Plan B. Dial Movers had a storage space for us to use in the meantime which turned out to be more permanent than temporary. Heated, no less!

Day 3 ummm not so much. Day 4, how do we get rid of this stuff!

And, by Day 5, divorce court and junk dealers were now the focus on both our minds!

A local charity scheduled to pick up our precious cargo declared, at the very last minute that they could not possibly take our stuff. Our junk removal backup plan was now not showing up either…keep in mind this is our closing day! Dial Movers to the rescue once again!

They would remove our now not-so-precious items for us, never to be seen again!
Long and short of this tale… Stay Calm and let Dial Movers move you on!

Shelley Weir, Associate Publisher

Author: Lifestyles Author

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