5 Cel Phones that could Change the Face of the Mobile World

According to MobileCoach.com, 94% of all Americans have cell phones, which means that 9 out of 10 people have a cell phone on them. We have them with us for about 16 hours a day. We send over 6 million text messages every day – the equivalent of over double the population of Toronto, Ontario! That’s 763 text messages per person per month. 99% of our text messages are read and we’ll read them within 3 minutes.

It’s no wonder there have been big advances in mobile device technology. These five devices test the current norm and could propel us into the future, so far, that we’ve only seen on TV and in the movies. Check out some of these remarkable mobile phones and devices and let us know what you think. How soon will you be buying one of these babies?

Caviar iPhone XS Tesla Edition

caviar solar powered iphone tesla

The iPhone XS is a dense object, packed with all the technology Apple could fit inside. Caviar thought they could do even better. Their Tesla edition (no relation to the car company) integrates a thin, solar-powered battery into the back of the phone, letting you charge the device anywhere there’s ample light. The extension is made from carbon fiber, with a gold-plated plate at the top displaying the name of the phone and the charging indicator, and a solar panel underneath. Needless to say, you won’t be walking into an Apple Store for service on this, so the company matches Apple’s standard one-year warranty with one of their own.

Buy it from Uncrate for ONLY $5,270 USD

Punkt MP 01 Phone

Punkt MP 01 Phone, only calls and messages

No apps. No camera. No nonsense. Designed by Jasper Morrison for Switzerland-based Punkt, the MP 01 Phone is meant to put the spotlight back where it belongs: on calls and messages. The 2-inch LCD display — protected by Gorilla Glass — is ideal for dealing with SMS messages, and the built-in noise cancellation ensures that your conversations sound great. It does have Bluetooth, since hands-free setups are handy, but without the need for a bevy of other radios, battery life is fantastic (it only needs charging every few weeks, instead of every few hours), and the soft-touch finish and angled back plate make it a pleasure to hold. Not to mention, we could all use the occasional social-media detox. In Punkt’s own words, this is offline as the new luxury.Height: 4.58″ | Width: 2″ | Thickness: 0.6″ | Weight: 3.1oz | Requires a low-cost 2G GSM plan.Buy it from Uncrate for $295 USD

Kyocera KY-01L Card Phone

thinnest and lightest phone in the world, it's designed to fit in a business card holder

Kyocera KY-01L Card PhoneBusiness cards remain an important tool in Japan. NTT Docomo is taking advantage of this with the release of the Kyocera KY-01L Card Phone. Hailed as the thinnest and lightest phone in the world, it’s designed to fit in a business card holder. It weighs just 1.66 oz, is just 5.3mm thick, and has a 2.8-inch e-paper screen and LTE connectivity.Get yours here if you can read Chinese! ONLY $285

Saving the best for last, check out this “folding” smart phone and a “maker” phone that lets you build your own phone.

Royole FlexPai Folding Smartphone

flexible folding mobile device

Royole FlexPai Folding SmartphoneWith Samsung and LG rumored to be unveiling their own in the coming weeks, Royole has beaten the Korean giants to the punch with the announcement of the world’s first folding smartphone. Dubbed the FlexPai, it has a 7.8-inch display and a footprint that’s roughly half that. It’s powered by the yet-unannounced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor, has 16-megapixel wide-angle and 20-megapixel telephoto cameras in its sizable bezel, and runs Water OS on top of Android 9 Pie. Available for order now, with deliveries beginning in December.Buy it here from $1,318 USD

MAKERphone DIY Mobile Phone

MAKERphone is a simple mobile phone you build yourself

MAKERphone DIY Mobile PhoneDesigned as an educational project/gadget, the MAKERphone is a simple mobile phone you build yourself. The basic kit comes with everything you need to build it, including the circuit board, casing, full-color screen, and all the various chips and modules that make up a phone. You’ll be expected to build it yourself, so if you’re missing any of the necessary tools you can purchase a tool pack at the same time. Despite its humble looks, the phone is fully functional, with the ability to make calls, send texts, and even run apps and games you write yourself.Buy it here and support a Kickstarter campaign for Just $94

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