4 Tips to Buying The Right BBQ

quality BBQ for grillingAre you in the market for a new BBQ? Check out these four tips to buying the perfect, quality Barbeque Grill that suits your needs.

The Wiggle Test

Step right up, grab the handle or the sides and give it a good shake. Does it feel solid and firm? It’s a sign of quality.

• Look for welds versus screws for added strength.
• For stainless steel hoods, look for heavy-gauge stainless steel.
• Casters should be up to appliance standards. Will it move easily on your patio? Are there at least two locking casters to prevent the grill from moving?

Lift The Lid

Judging a grill by the weight of the lid alone is like judging a car by the weight of the hood.

• As you lift the lid, check out the handle. Make sure it’s set well away from the hood to ensure it stays cool, and look for weather-resistant materials. The lid should feel solid. Grab the lid handle in the middle and twist the lid, does it deflect easily?
• What are they made of? Look for porcelain-enameled cast iron or stainless steel grates made with heavy gauge wires. Both types of grates will retain heat in cool windy weather and they will make steakhouse sear marks

Lift Grates, Metal Bars, Briquettes

Under the grates you’ll find some type of system to disperse even heat across the cooking grates and to control flare-ups.

• Inverted V-shaped Metal Bars are the best at channeling food drippings and preventing flare-ups.
• Look for a pan that is more than one inch deep that can be accessed easily from the front of the grill.

Consider the Brand

• Think about who made the grill. Do you know the company name on the lid? Will they support you down the road? Will the company be around when you need grilling advice, assistance, or spare parts next year? Ten years from now?
• Read closely to understand what is and what isn’t covered. The best warranties are uncomplicated and are light on fine print.
• Look for a grill company with a hotline that lets you talk to a real person—not a machine.

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