3 Inexpensive Ways to Learn Art on a Budget

art studentMost of us know that doing something creative is good for the mind, body and soul, but think it’s just too expensive to do. We can hire a local teacher, either one-on-one, or we can go to a school. For some that can be costly. The good news is, you don’t have to pay high fees at a specialized school to master a craft. If you’re looking to learn a new art or craft like drawing, painting or playing an instrument, there are lots of ways to do it affordably. Here are some suggestions that fit even the tightest of budgets.

1. Art Supply Stores

Stores like Michael’s or Curry’s are filled with greatest of resources. Artists! The people stocking the shelves and ringing out your order are usually artists. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about the best starter kits for what you want to learn. They will steer you to the best, and because artists know how to stretch a dollar better than anyone, they will help you get the best deal they can. They not only direct you to the right tools for the project you have in mind, they advise you on how to use those tools best.

2. Local Art Collectives, Associations & Clubs

Art Collectives are groups run by a community of artists, designed to be safe spaces for social and independent business and artistic development. A collective offers space for underground and emerging artists to create and to perform. Like associations and clubs, there will be a small annual fee to join. Once you’ve joined, you have space to work in and artists to work alongside and to learn from. It can be quite inspiring to create with people, no matter what you’re creating, be it sculpting, writing a short story or learning guitar.

Zephyr Art Gallery in Orillia is run by volunteers and can be a good resource. The Writer’s Community of Simcoe County offers an inclusive, supportive environment for new and experienced writers.  The Barrie Art Club and the Barrie Writer’s Club are available in Barrie.

3. YouTube!

There are literally millions of artists posting how-to videos that cover every detail of what you want to learn. Everyday, people are learning how to play guitar, how to use a sewing machine, and anything else you could possibly imagine.  I have even posted video on drawing and painting techniques. As long as you have or can find internet access, this is all free. Yes, some are posting video on the first steps and are hoping you’ll pay for the more. You can continue your search and find your way with a ton of different teachers. Most are just people who want to share their passions with you and hope they might earn a small portion from the ads.
Go learn an art. Enrich your mind and body and feed your soul!

by Linda Laforge, Portrait and Caricature Artist and
author of “Anyone Can Draw in Ten Sessions” – find it there on Amazon
See her work and check her show schedule at www.LindaLaforge.com


This article also found in the March/April issue of Orillia Lifestyles Magazine.ca

Author: Lifestyles Author

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